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Obtaining second citizenship or a new residency is an exciting journey which can open up a world of possibilities for you and your family. Dixcart Domiciles can assist you on every step of that journey.

Residence & Citizenship

Individuals and their families are becoming increasingly mobile. Dixcart Domiciles can help you discover the different countries around the world that offer attractive residence and/or citizenship programmes for you and your family, and provide advice on a number of tax efficient solutions that might be available. We have staff located in each of the countries, ready to guide you through every step of your journey.


We provide detailed advice regarding a number of countries around the world and the various residence and citizenship programmes that are available. More information can be found by selecting any one of the countries below:




St. Kitts & Nevis




Isle of Man

Programmes: Benefits & Criteria

Find out more about the benefits, financial obligations and additional criteria that a number of countries around the world offer in terms of various attractive residence and citizenship opportunities available for you and your family below:

Dixcart Domiciles Residence and citizenship programmes

Latest Dixcart Domiciles

Our latest magazine examines the different ways countries celebrate the festive period, the perfect winter break from snow capped Switzerland to sun drenched Nevis, the use of Portuguese Venture Capital Funds, and the tax benefits of living in Guernsey:

Dixcart Domiciles Magazine