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Discover the options available to you and your family if you are considering alternative residence and/or citizenship. Here’s a few of the key articles you can expect to find in this edition:

  • Cyprus – An Authentic Mediterranean Experience
    • The Cyprus Start-up Visa
    • The Cyprus Non-dom Regime and the Cyprus Residence Permit
    • Why Cyprus Offers the Complete Superyacht Package
    • Discover Local Culture and Wine in Cyprus (Exploring Cyprus’ Wineries)
    • The Perfect Itinerary When Visiting Cyprus
    • Cyprus’ Museum of Underwater Sculpture
  • The Freedom of Movement and Why Consider a St Kitts & Nevis Passport
  • Malta’s Array of Residence Visas
  • Madeira – Portugal’s Hidden Gem
  • The Isle of Man – A Jurisdiction of Choice
  • The UK’s High Potential Individual Visa


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