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Malta Start-up Programme

Malta Permanent Residence Programme

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Malta Residence Programme

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Malta Key Employee Initiative

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Malta: The Qualifying Employment in Innovation & Creativity Scheme

The Malta Digital Nomad Residence Permit

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Malta Start-up Programme

Available to third country nationals, excluding EU, EEA and Swiss nationals.

The programme allows for Founders and Co-Founders to apply for a 3-year residency permit, which can include their immediate family.

In addition to this the company may apply for a total of 4 additional permits, for you to 3 years, for Key Core Employees and their immediate family.

The Founders/Co-Founders of the Start-up may renew their residence for an additional 5 years after the initial 3 years, and Key Employees may renew their residence for another 3 years.

Founders/Co-Founders may apply for permanent residency after residing in Malta for 5 years.

Lucrative non-dilutive support measures can be accessed for IT and Fintech Businesses or a support Package for Research and Development Projects.

The start-up Residence Programme is an attractive entry point into a well-connected and versatile economy.

Certain employees may qualify for a personal income tax rate of 15%. Income tax is set at a flat rate of 15% for qualifying individuals

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Malta Start-up Programme

The Maltese company must operate in the innovative or tech start-up space. A Business Plan is to be submitted to Malta Enterprise to review and approve before the residence visa can be approved.

In the case where the Maltese Company requires start-up support or funding, the residence permit will only be approved once funding has been approved.

The main requirements are: 

  • A tangible investment of €25,000 or a paid-up share capital of a minimum €25,000, and in the case of where there is more than 4 co-founders an additional €10,000 needs to be placed per additional co-founder.
  • Each person included in the application must have recognised health insurance in place.
  • The Founder, or Co-Founders must be in possession of sufficient financial resources, evidence by a recent bank statement to demonstrate they can support themselves and their dependents, if applicable.
  • Key Core Employees must have specialised skills and must not earn less than €30,000.

Dixcart Management Malta Limited Licence Number: AKM-DIXC-23

Malta Start-up Programme

All entities involved in the Shareholder Structure must not have been registered  globally  for more than seven years, prior to the application, in order to qualify for this programme.

It is expected that the successful applicants will reside in Malta and make Malta their permanent residence and therefore there is a minimum stay requirement of 183 days per year.

Applicants must not have a criminal record or pending criminal charges and must not pose any potential threat to the national security, public policy, public health, or public interest, in Malta.

Must not have previously been rejected for residence status or citizenship in Malta or abroad.

Available to third country nationals, excluding EU, EEA and Swiss are eligible.

Key Core Employee visas may only be applied for if one or more of the Founders have applied for a visa.

Dixcart Management Malta Limited Licence Number: AKM-DIXC-23

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