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The Malta Citizenship by Naturalisation for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment

Malta Start-up Programme

Malta Permanent Residence Programme

Malta Global Residence Programme

Malta Residence Programme

The Malta Retirement Programme

Malta Key Employee Initiative

The Malta Highly Qualified Persons Programme

Malta: The Qualifying Employment in Innovation & Creativity Scheme

The Malta Digital Nomad Residence Permit

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  • Financial/Other Obligations
  • Additional Criteria

Malta Key Employee Initiative

Available to Non-EU Passport Holders.

The Malta ‘Key Employee Initiative’ is applicable to managerial and/or highly-technical professionals with relevant qualifications or adequate experience relating to a specific job.

Successful applicants receive a fast track work/residence permit within five working days from the date of application, valid for one year. This can be renewed for a maximum period of three years.

To find out about living in Malta, please click here.

Malta Key Employee Initiative

Applicants must provide proof and the following information to the ‘Expatriates Unit’ within ‘Identity Malta’:

  • Annual gross salary of at least €30,000 per annum
  • Certified copies of relevant qualifications, warrants or proof of appropriate work experience
  • Declaration by the employer stating that the applicant has the necessary credentials to perform the required duties.

The ‘Key Employee Initiative’ is also extended to innovators involved in start-up projects, which have been endorsed by ‘Malta Enterprise’.

Malta Key Employee Initiative

Applicants are required to have Private Health Insurance.

Download Full List of Programmes – Benefits & Criteria (PDF)


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